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Technical Support

It is our goal to help you quickly resolve any technical issues with our products. Wherever you are, whatever tasks or problems you have to solve, you will always find an answer on these pages, or get it from our support team.

Click here for free upgrade or re-installation of the purchased software.
For faster response, please carefully follow the instructions below:

  • First, try to find answers in the user's guide and the online help of the products. Please refer to Tutorials and Troubleshooting chapters as well.
  • Next, please visit FAQs pages.
  • Make sure you are using the newest version of the software. To find out the version number of the software you installed please run the About dialog on the Help menu. For registered users, updates are available here. If you are using Evaluation version, please download the latest build.
  • If you failed to find the answer to your technical issue, submit your issue, along with your basic computer information, to our technical support staff. Click here to place your priority support request.
  • We do not offer telephone support, however an engineer may contact you by phone after receiving your technical support request.

We support our software and we're always available to answer your questions promptly.